Lonely? a First Blog Post

Lonely? a First Blog Post

Hello, world!  On this little blog, I will sporadically post musings and interesting finds on all things about violin, music, teaching, and such.  Today, I will kick things off by explaining the name of my site.

“Lonely?  That sounds sad!”

But it isn’t, really.

Originally, it was just the file name of an image.  I traced it from a picture of a Strad for the flyer advertising my senior recital.  I meant to trace the whole thing, but I liked the minimalist look so much that I just stopped.  A few months later, the image made an appearance (in white out!) on the top of my black graduation cap, and soon after that, on flyers advertising lessons when I first moved to Boise for grad school.  Lo’ and behold, I had a logo!

“But it’s not sad, because… why?”

I like to imagine that the violin is a living creature that has grown as much of an attachment to me as I have to it.  It follows, then, that if I am not playing my fiddle, it gets lonely.  An instrument that is not played is simply a silent, though beautiful, mechanical wonder.  It needs love to come to life.  And that is what I intend to do; and I hope I can help others do the same.

Is that a little silly?  Perhaps.  Sappy?  Probably.  But sad?  Definitely not!