Violin Lessons

missoula-violin-teacherSylvia uses the Suzuki Method as a basis of violin teaching. She supplements it with a variety of other pieces, method books, and studies according to the needs of each student. The following are what Sylvia hopes to help each student learn:

  • appreciation – enjoyment of the beauty of music.
  • discipline – working hard and having fun doing it! Sylvia wants to help students gain the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting and attaining goals.
  • sharing music – Making music is fun! Making it for and with others increases its value exponentially.
  • reading and hearing music – A musician that can read music has hundreds of years of music at their disposal. He/she can play in groups with confidence, not dependent on others to interpret notes on a page. A musician that can play by ear can create and recreate music in unique and spontaneous ways.
  • healthy playing – A good set-up (a relaxed but active holding of the violin and bow) that fits a student’s body prevents discomfort, pain and injury.
  • violin – how to play the best instrument, ever!  That said, the viola isn’t half bad either (*wink*), and Sylvia feels privileged to teach a few beginning students on that perfectly imperfect instrument, as well.

What is the Suzuki Method? A way of teaching a musical instrument, the Suzuki Method is based upon language acquisition. It emphasizes listening, mastery of small steps, and the importance of environment. Listening to a CD of the Suzuki repertoire is a big part of the learning process, just as it is in language learning, along with imitation and repetition in the lessons and practices. In addition to private lessons, the student also participates in group lessons. Typically, students start at a very young age (usually around 5 years old), but the Suzuki method is for the young and old alike.

For the very young student, the parent plays an integral role, acting as note-taker during the lessons and as a practice partner at home. The young child has constant direction and parent support both in lessons and in home practices.

For more information regarding the Suzuki Method, please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas website where a detailed overview of the method is provided.

Payment for each month’s lessons is expected at the beginning of each month. Fees are as follows:

  • Private Lessons = $40 per hour. This usually equates to $80 per month for beginning students. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to take 45 or 60 minute lessons. This usually works out to $120 or $160 per month, respectively.
  • Monthly Group Lesson = $10 per student per lesson
  • Currently offering two monthly groups: Young Beginners (Pre-K through 5th Grade) & Adult Beginners (Suzuki Books 1-3)

2016-2017 Studio Policy

Contact Sylvia to schedule an observation and to set up a trial lesson. This will give you an opportunity to learn about the program and her teaching style. When you meet, she will give you more information regarding the registration process, materials and schedule.