Studio Resources

book1studentNeed an Instrument?

Morgenroth Music

SharMusic – Rent or Buy

Essentials: strings, sheet music, and shoulder rests, oh my!

for Violin Students

for Viola Students

SharMusic Strings Page Product information and links to String Guide and String Sound Chart.

Practicing Resources

Getting Kidspre-concert warm-up to Practice – Without Tears or Tantrums (June 20, 2012)

How to Get Your Kids to Practice (Moravian Academy, Instrumental Program)

How to Get Your Child to Practice… Without Resorting to Violence!! by Cynthia V. Richards (Author), Jane Dally (Illustrator)

Learning Violin for Adults (December 5, 2013) A blog post chock full o’ inspiration and tips for the adult beginner.

Metronome and Drones  Practice with an online metronome and/or drone pitches. Drone practice is excellent for developing a good ear and sense of intonation.

Practice Rhythms Sheet  Your best friend for mastering that tricky passage.


General Info & Great Reads

Am I Too Old to Start Violin? A forum discadultbeginnerussion between Suzuki teachers and students.  Thoughtful and encouraging!

Dr. Suzuki Began Playing at the Age of 20  (August 8, 2013) “The founder of this approach to teaching was not some child prodigy, he was an adult beginner.”

How to Chose a Teacher

Notes from a Suzuki Mom: The “Twinkle” Year (February 7, 2012)  “…the Suzuki Book 1 Violin CD played as a background anthem to our lives.”

Suzuki Association of the Americas Full description of the Suzuki Method and its philosophy.


Free Sheet Music 1strecitalDownloads  Free printable sheet music for violin, viola, and cello, and combinations of instruments. Find a duet or round to play with a friend! Fun games and activities to practice note reading and music theory skills. Mobile apps also available.  Highly recommended for students at all levels!

New York Philharmonic Kidzone  An interactive website to learn more about music, instruments, and composers. Primarily for younger students, but fun for all ages! Interviews, reviews, famous violinists, etc.  Almost everything string that you can find on the web!